Soon my son Trevor and his wife are graduating from BYU Idaho. Its a real treat to fly up to Utah and take a road trip it with my Best Baby Girl Aubry up to Idaho to share in the celebration of College Graduation.

I don't know if its just me, but I have had the most wretched times staying in accommodations (some places I wont even call hotels) when I travel. I never thought of myself as a princess (and the pea) but JEEEZZZZZ!

Here is what I have had to do in the past to survive the hotel mattress nightmare:

1. Dump out all my clothes and use them as padding including all the hotel towels

2. See if you can pillage seat cushions from a chair or a couch (if in the room)

3. Sometimes I bring a blow up pool floaty (no kidding) to sleep on. I tuck it under the sheets and voila!

If nothing else works I stay up all night watching re-runs of Law and Order or Forensic Files.

No amenities can compensate for failure of the bed!!!!

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aubry. said...

you're kind of a wimp, mom.