BBF forever

First day of school and the longest they have ever been apart. When they saw each other they grabbed hands and told each other stories about their day. Sean (3) and Jared (5) - Best Brothers Forever

We got ice cream to make it a perfect day

from this humble cubicle I assume the position of Queen. My new job at The San Diego Foundation enables me to influence fund raising trends and philanthropy - bridging relationships between the community and this foundation - the 8th largest community foundation in the U.S. The San Diego Foundation distributes $400 million dollars a year.

Can I brag? They recruited me and I was their only choice. They did not interview anyone else!!

I'm honored and excited


So El Cajony

first of all - thank you dear readers for your patience as my butt has been kicked these past months from Breast Cancer recovery. I vastly underestimated how hard it would be. But enough of that already.

Here's the story.... In celebration of my friend Diane's birthday we spent all Saturday doing chick stuff including going to a total chick movie - the Switch. The only theater with decent showtimes that fit our sched was the Regal Cinemas in El Cajon. I am only a partial snob so I was game.

The service was terrible - to buy tickets and then at the concession stand.
(Jeez, how long does it take to scoop up popcorn and fill a fountain drink)

For the longest time Diane and I stood and waited behind this guy who had the biggest wedgie - I couldn't resist snapping a photo. this really doesn't do it justice by the way - it was a humongous wedgie.

Remember gentle reader, I am intrigued by people's weirdness.

You had to be there, but the guy behind us started laughing hysterically as he said really loud - "Wow that's cruel."


But that was the highlight of my Saturday - I know, there is some twisted sickness I have but hey at least I admit it.