BBF forever

First day of school and the longest they have ever been apart. When they saw each other they grabbed hands and told each other stories about their day. Sean (3) and Jared (5) - Best Brothers Forever

We got ice cream to make it a perfect day

from this humble cubicle I assume the position of Queen. My new job at The San Diego Foundation enables me to influence fund raising trends and philanthropy - bridging relationships between the community and this foundation - the 8th largest community foundation in the U.S. The San Diego Foundation distributes $400 million dollars a year.

Can I brag? They recruited me and I was their only choice. They did not interview anyone else!!

I'm honored and excited


So El Cajony

first of all - thank you dear readers for your patience as my butt has been kicked these past months from Breast Cancer recovery. I vastly underestimated how hard it would be. But enough of that already.

Here's the story.... In celebration of my friend Diane's birthday we spent all Saturday doing chick stuff including going to a total chick movie - the Switch. The only theater with decent showtimes that fit our sched was the Regal Cinemas in El Cajon. I am only a partial snob so I was game.

The service was terrible - to buy tickets and then at the concession stand.
(Jeez, how long does it take to scoop up popcorn and fill a fountain drink)

For the longest time Diane and I stood and waited behind this guy who had the biggest wedgie - I couldn't resist snapping a photo. this really doesn't do it justice by the way - it was a humongous wedgie.

Remember gentle reader, I am intrigued by people's weirdness.

You had to be there, but the guy behind us started laughing hysterically as he said really loud - "Wow that's cruel."


But that was the highlight of my Saturday - I know, there is some twisted sickness I have but hey at least I admit it.


More good news

just got my test results back early from Kaiser - No Cervical Cancer!!!! Oh, did I forget to tell you, the Docs were worried about that?

Now that I'm not such a tragic figure, I can move on to more lighthearted topics. YAY!!!



Here is how dull I am. I ate a single boiled egg to celebrate my cancer free diagnosis.

hmmmm, something wrong here.

clean and sweet

just saw my radiologist and I was pronounced breast cancer free! Wahoo



There is a real science to the shop and I am in the middle of that right now. First of all, I operate under the premise that I will not buy anything unless it fulfills two pre-requisites:

First - it has to be the most amazing and unique, the most fanciful or elegant of it's species

Second - Having said this, my shopping joy is greatly affected by the price. Not only does it have to be a real "FIND" but I have to get it at a bargain.

It's the bi-fecta of shopping and I don't mind telling you I go to ridiculous lengthts to achieve it. For Scotty its painful so he simply is resigned to hand it over to my able and diligent shopping stewardship.

I am in my heyday right now. I have a list. At a minimum, a new set of silverware and new towels.

Step 1 - shop at Target ....Check (found nothing)
Step 2 - shop at Ross, Marshall's, TJ Max and Tuesday Morning ....Check (found nothing)

now that i have eliminated the obvious sources (I refuse to go to WalMart or Sears okay?) I move upward

Step 3 - Shop at Norstrom' Rack - Eureka - found some but not all
Step 4 - Bed Bath and Beyond...Check (nuttin honey)
Step 5 - Kohls (YUCK - ditto)

Now that I have exhausted all my other options I have to move onto the mainstream stores and painfully choke on the cost of paying full "Retail"

MAYBE you can see why Scotty hates to shop with me..... Here is how he shops:

Me: Do you like this?

Scott: YES (he says before I say the last word of my sentence) now get it and lets get outta here.

SIGH - now you know why I need more girl babies around me - to share the shopping joy.



You probably know dear reader that I am a grant writer. In the world of money is a concept known as "cultivation". Its universal really, its about gaining the ultimate faith, trust and friendship of the donor so that when you make a request for funding, they don't feel a thing.

(Luke learned his Jedi-mind tricks from the cultivators of the world -- you will give me money. You will be happy to give me money -- you will give me a lot of money -- you wave your hand hypnotically in front of their helpless and glazed eyeballs)

I almost nauseate myself with my cultivation techniques.

Numero Uno Rule: don't EVER let the cultivatee know they are being cultivated. They need to believe with all their little weird hearts you only want them for a bff. (And unlike every other dirty rat in the world who only likes them for their money, you are the one and only sincere human on the planet)

So I am shamelessly cultivating the head program officer of a federal agency because upon his say so, he can grant up to $5 million dollars to a client of mine.


This week has been a cultivation break through between us bff's (let me explain the dude is over 75 years old and lives in L.A. - seen the guy twice in my life at grant meetings)

He just sent a text saying:

"Are you a good cook? Do you know how to cook a 3 pound tenderloin steak?"


Now we are getting to personal conversation and away from professional lingo and jargon.

Like a spider to a fly I am moving in - He will never know what hit him and I will get him to grant me the money.


But dear reader, when it comes to you, I like you sincerely...


san diego county fair

Am I getting old and cranky or is the San Diego County Fair the same old same old year after year? I mean aside from the weird food like chocolate dipped bacon, whats new? The same booths in the same location, the same exact products and the same plethora of smelly weirdos.

Even the food tastes flat and dusty.

Where is the joy I once felt by going to the fair?


smile for the camera

Its so funny that my grand kids (we call them the babies) can't smile for the camera except in
the most extreme Batman/Joker Smile.

The boys crack me up when they pose for pics

poor dumb bird

its something no one knows about because its so insignificant BUT hang with me, it will make sense in a minute.

When we were kids my parents bought us a Parrot (smuggled it out of Mexico)

We set it on a perch and fed it every day.. Every day it sat there and wouldn't eat or drink even tho the food was right in front of it's beak.

(Maybe it craved salsa and chips)

At first we were alarmed but after a few days we just thought -- poor dumb bird!

The inevitable happened. The bird croaked. Now when things happen to people that they bring on themselves I think to myself - "Poor Dumb Bird"

In Jan of 2009 I was hired to work for a retired NFL Player. We drew up a contract. He was to pay my customary rate of $100/hr. The guy called me every hour, he sent me 20 e-mails a day. He thought he owned me. After 4 months I presented him with a well deserved itemized invoice for $12,000 I thought he was gonna croak.

It's been over a year and he still owes me. Not that I haven't been asking nicely, then sternly. A few weeks ago I sent him a demand letter drafted by an attorney and I followed up with one last offer for him to pay me before we file in court (on Monday)

Here is his response (a college graduate by the way)

This is your last time pleace don't contact me anymire or I will fyle a law souit on you and your grate partner Chad. Lets see who can do the most draagging miss grant writer. Miss I promise to get you money. One thing im not, is sceered so both of you dumb ASSES fyle the soot and stop telking.



I know I am talking to myself - sorry for the long absence.

today I am celebrating the fact that I finished my radiation treatments Tuesday June 15 at 5pm. I splurged and bought these extravagant blue shoes from Anthropologie. I know blogs are supposed to be light and frivolous but I gotta tell you I been through hell these past weeks of radiation. If you only knew.....

Anyone who knows me even the slightest bit can pick out a classic pair of Rebecca shoes. Here are my shoe priorities:

1. Must have a bow
2. Must have a rounded toe (no disgusting pointy toed shoes- Bleeecchhhh)
3. Must have some type of heel (hey I'm short)

I'm so excited to click my heels - I envision a Sunday meeting where women SWOON upon the first sight of my shoes.

I almost feel perky!!!


Radiation day

Today is my first day for radiation. See this contraption??? Its called a Cyber Knife. Dontcha feel for the poor dorky medical equipment salesman trying to market that name?

Here is where I am going - my soon to be daily BFF's

and my Persian doctor who thinks I am young (compared to the old geezers he usually treats)

wish me luck


I've been to the Sundance Catalog website no less than 5 times - each time almost ordering this purse - its perfection.

(And that's saying a LOT since Aubry and I are both purse SNOBS)

hint hint - mother's day is coming up

another hint: catalog code SPR15 - gives you a 15% discount.


Sister Gladys

So today I and a few other volunteers got to serve lunch to Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices Choir

Two things: First she is really a very nice lady and doesn't want anybody to fuss over her - I like that non-diva thing about her

Second - Her choir can chow down big time.

That's it, it was a nice day but the guy in charge kept checking on me to see if I was going to faint or something. I guess he thought I was frageeeelaay cuz I have cancer. I am so not!

Another day, another service opportunity