There is a real science to the shop and I am in the middle of that right now. First of all, I operate under the premise that I will not buy anything unless it fulfills two pre-requisites:

First - it has to be the most amazing and unique, the most fanciful or elegant of it's species

Second - Having said this, my shopping joy is greatly affected by the price. Not only does it have to be a real "FIND" but I have to get it at a bargain.

It's the bi-fecta of shopping and I don't mind telling you I go to ridiculous lengthts to achieve it. For Scotty its painful so he simply is resigned to hand it over to my able and diligent shopping stewardship.

I am in my heyday right now. I have a list. At a minimum, a new set of silverware and new towels.

Step 1 - shop at Target ....Check (found nothing)
Step 2 - shop at Ross, Marshall's, TJ Max and Tuesday Morning ....Check (found nothing)

now that i have eliminated the obvious sources (I refuse to go to WalMart or Sears okay?) I move upward

Step 3 - Shop at Norstrom' Rack - Eureka - found some but not all
Step 4 - Bed Bath and Beyond...Check (nuttin honey)
Step 5 - Kohls (YUCK - ditto)

Now that I have exhausted all my other options I have to move onto the mainstream stores and painfully choke on the cost of paying full "Retail"

MAYBE you can see why Scotty hates to shop with me..... Here is how he shops:

Me: Do you like this?

Scott: YES (he says before I say the last word of my sentence) now get it and lets get outta here.

SIGH - now you know why I need more girl babies around me - to share the shopping joy.

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