poor dumb bird

its something no one knows about because its so insignificant BUT hang with me, it will make sense in a minute.

When we were kids my parents bought us a Parrot (smuggled it out of Mexico)

We set it on a perch and fed it every day.. Every day it sat there and wouldn't eat or drink even tho the food was right in front of it's beak.

(Maybe it craved salsa and chips)

At first we were alarmed but after a few days we just thought -- poor dumb bird!

The inevitable happened. The bird croaked. Now when things happen to people that they bring on themselves I think to myself - "Poor Dumb Bird"

In Jan of 2009 I was hired to work for a retired NFL Player. We drew up a contract. He was to pay my customary rate of $100/hr. The guy called me every hour, he sent me 20 e-mails a day. He thought he owned me. After 4 months I presented him with a well deserved itemized invoice for $12,000 I thought he was gonna croak.

It's been over a year and he still owes me. Not that I haven't been asking nicely, then sternly. A few weeks ago I sent him a demand letter drafted by an attorney and I followed up with one last offer for him to pay me before we file in court (on Monday)

Here is his response (a college graduate by the way)

This is your last time pleace don't contact me anymire or I will fyle a law souit on you and your grate partner Chad. Lets see who can do the most draagging miss grant writer. Miss I promise to get you money. One thing im not, is sceered so both of you dumb ASSES fyle the soot and stop telking.



Corrina Baker said...

oh that's funny.

Corrina Baker said...

wait, i think he was drunk when he wrote that. I definitely know 'slur writing' when i see it. I especially liked the law soot! That was really funny.

Rebecca said...

Notice he can spell ASSES perfectly well.