Sister Gladys

So today I and a few other volunteers got to serve lunch to Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices Choir

Two things: First she is really a very nice lady and doesn't want anybody to fuss over her - I like that non-diva thing about her

Second - Her choir can chow down big time.

That's it, it was a nice day but the guy in charge kept checking on me to see if I was going to faint or something. I guess he thought I was frageeeelaay cuz I have cancer. I am so not!

Another day, another service opportunity

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theresa said...

Hi Rebecca, I am one of the Suv choir members, and I just want to say... thank you for serving us all so well... and yes... our guys can "Put some grub " away !! We had a wonderful time there and loved the people in your area. It is a great blessing to be doing this work for the Lord. and it is people like you that make it so wonderful ! My love and best to you now and always. From Sister T Fau... an alto!!