Cinco de Mayo

This is to add to my journal of continuing indignities associated with having breast cancer. The other day I went in for yet another consultation with yet another radiologist /oncologist. (At least this guy thought I was young) But when I took a look at the waiting room I could see why, all the other patients were over 80

Anyway, the "margins" issue with me continues to be iffy and I'm the last to know! My surgeon, Dr. Greenway and my oncologist and Dr Chen never told me that I still had questionable margins. My latest radiologist - a kindly Persian - Dr. Shirazi is the one who spilled the beans about my still having iffy margins and residual cancer cells that still remains.


Is this normal or what?? I have no idea. I just thought in my naive way that it would be lumpectomy, radiation and adios cancer.


But really, the last appt was right up there in the indignity - o - meter range.

I H-A-T-E-D the Cat scan experience. Maybe I was just crabby from being freezing cold and naked from the waist up with my hands over my head (you feel so vulnerable this way) and staying absolutely still for 30 minutes. Maybe I'm just crabificated in general. prob so

What does this all have to do with Cinco de Mayo? May 5th is the first day of my daily radiation 12 noon every day. Before you chomp down on your salad or big mac think of me being radiated at that very moment.

And thanks to all my good friends for running for me with my girl baby.


Bennions said...

I'll be saying a prayer for you right at noon!


Little White Shanty said...

i don't know if this is the right thing to say or not, but radiation treatment sounds really horrible. i'm sorry about that...

i will definitely be thinking of you.

robin said...

that was me. not the little white shanty. houses can't comment.

Rebecca said...

I hear its not that bad. At least that's what I expect. will report on it when it happens.