rocks my world

This is the drink of Kings - Its what you drink in the highest degree. Its not too sweet, its perfection and its only 10 calories (okay 25 for the entire bottle)

I am constantly on patrol for this drink in the 10 calorie flavor. Its tragic, I can't find it in the stores anymore ($1.49), nor can I find it at my old standby at Target (10 for $10!!!) . But the other day when I was with my girl baby in Rexburg I saw it at a Maverick --- 3 bottles for a dollar.

Sigh... I wish I had bought more but Aubry thought I was a big nut to buy 6. Now I'm out of my supply and I have to live on Crystal light.

(A limp replacement for the bliss of Vitamin Water - Essential )

Just whining - I can't help myself. Soon I am going to be on one of those TV shows about people with OCD. Mine is going to be Vitamin Water Essential.


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