Philosophy 101

I'm learning to let go and not be so controlling. Okay, so what that I lost a big client and a big fat paycheck? It worked out fine, since I wouldn't have been able to do the work seein as I just got sick. So enough of the kicking and screaming and more moving toward serenity and submission

(easier said than done)

I would've short circuited out mentally since failure was not an option and failure would've been a forgone conclusion given my bad health.

So I give up to the higher wisdom of the cosmic universe and hope that good Karma is on my side. As for now I am going to bed and curl up in a fetal position -- sniff sniff -- I feel sicky.

Two more days to radiation. Please, oh cosmic universe - look upon your hapless daughter kindly.

As for all you dear and gentle readers, send me your love mind rays cuz I feel wimpy and not able to fill the role of being the Queen and I call upon your woman powers to exert charity and love my way.


Bennions said...
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Bennions said...

You can do it Rebecca! We love you over here!
-Oksana and Trev