More Bennion Weirdness

We Bennions defy convention. (Well...... I'm normal)

We have a secret ritual with all our babies.

All our babies get thrown around to the extreme.

Scott would stand holding a Bennion Baby and propel him/her through the air to my brother or some other man. Then each would take a step back to make the distance farther apart and toss again. We called it baby football and the object of the game was to see how far you could chuck said baby.

I am happy to report that none of my babies ever got dropped, but if real people ever saw Baby Football they would call Child Protective Services on us when they saw how far the babies flew.

The photo above is a variation of Baby Football - the Solo Toss.

I know its waaaay not PC but hey, look at how tough and fearless (Girl baby) my babies turned out.


aubry. said...

p.s. you're not that normal, but you are tough and fearless... by virtue of watching your kids get a good toss, i'm sure.

Rebecca said...

I'm SO normal - its just that most people are so weird, they can't even recognize normal when they see it.