Mangling the English Language

It makes me cringe when certain people say "He AXED me to....." I mean sup with that?

Did that grown up ever spell the word ASK - then have an epiphany that they were saying it wrong?

Along that same line I went to a fancy pants 3 day conference put on by the Department of Labor where presenters who were funded discussed the success of their programs.

A panel of grantees - all young (in their 20's or 30's) men of color - (I'm not prejudiced - honest, really truly - but it was a fact, how else can I say it?) were discussing their success with the hard core incarcerated.

Speaking on incentives - they discussed shall we say -- marital privileges. They called the process - REUNIFICATED. I almost laughed out loud. But of course I used my usual sophistication and restraint.

HA - from then on I used the ificated ending when I wanted to say something with HUGE EMPHASIS. Check it out:

I am from time to time:


Now that you know the game I am sure you are ificated from time to time.
Do share your ificated descriptor and join the ificated club.

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