on a lighter note

okay, the somber tone of my previous post was kinda sad. It drove me to put on my nightly "creams"

Here is the ritual of our house. About 9 pm Scott turns the channel to EWEST and starts watching old reruns of westerns. (they are so stupid)

This triggers my "creams" behavior - I announce to Scott, I am going upstairs to do my "creams"

Scott: Snort Snort, yeah go upstairs and do your creams (translation: get outta here and let me watch the Rifleman and Gunsmoke in peace will ya?)

My creams are symbolic of so much!

1.My quest for maintaining whatever shred of youth I might still have (I know I delude myself)

2. A ritual of self pampering - I collect "the creams" to a ridiculous degree. Gratefully I gave up on La Mer but still do prescription creams and indulge in expensive f aux creams by Lancome.

(now my girl baby is snorting over Lancome - she is a Dior snob)

3. And as you know I have invested in a lifelong commitment to doing Latisse. I indulge here and am not apologetic a bit over this.

Whatever, it makes me feel good - snort away, at least I'm not watching old black and white westerns.

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