Whats up with American Idol?

Usually weekdays sizzle with joy and anticipation - my life takes on new dimensions when I watch American Idol and it becomes a bonding experience for my girlfriends and other peeps who watch American Idol when we swap our stories about performances, clothes and the judges. Usually Scotty watches with me then snorts with disdain cuz he just has to display his testosterone by getting all puffy and huffy about how lame it is. (he secretly likes it but has to put on the show)

This year for the first time, (I feel like a missionary) I convinced several people to follow along. We even started texting throughout the show with our reviews of each performance.

BUT - what happened this year? How lame and dull its become!

I love to hate Simon (and always secretly agree) he is so delish in his dish. Can someone explain why Dorie (AKA Ellen) is a judge? What does she know about music? Do you all notice that when Randy says: "I don't know dog, it was a little pitchy dude, I didn't love it" that Ellen says, "yeah it was a little pitchy, blah blah blah, banana" Really now, like I am supposed to take her seriously?

This Bowersox girl is the only one that I look forward to every week. She is the reincarnation of Janis Joplin (how many of you little ones have ever heard of her) She is full of grit and reality and heart. She's fearless. Love that!

This kid Casey is okay but I just watch to see if Kara will make a total fool of herself again by turning to jello when he sings. I notice she is going out of her way to put on the ice queen persona when Casey performs. Too bad, it made me laugh to see her all squirmy but I noticed her husband showed up the next show.

Lastly can anyone tell me definitively (I need concrete proof here, not just your opinion) Is Ryan Seacrest gay?

I'm still watching but it isn't nearly as joyful. Sigh

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robin said...

amen, amen and amen.

i'm THIS close to unprogramming it from my dvr.

i'm a total ellen fan, but she just doesn't have any relevance to the show.

i fast forward thru all the performances except for crystal's.

the love affair may be over...