My guilty admission

{A hoarder's refrig - one lady on a show said if it isn't moldy or bulging out of the container its good to eat, no matter how old the food is - its a miracle of modern science she survived I tellya}

So dear reader, I have to admit I always watch this disgusting show - Hoarders. Don't ask me what perverse sense of entertainment this satisfies - its tied somehow into my fascination with other poor unfortunates like Miguel of Monterrey AKA The Fattest Man in the World.

{Oh MY GOSH - This guy can find love at 1100 lbs!}

My husband thinks I am so sick, I can't help it!!!


robin said...

i love hoarders! love love love.

i don't think you're sick at all.

aubry. said...

If Miguel can find love at 1100 lbs, I can find love at 28, homeowner, and more advanced in my career than what's-his-name.

Let's hope.

Rebecca said...

Well, Aubs, I was kinda thinking the same but didn't want to say it in a blog. Your day will come.