Playing the Cut Up Card

Not that I'm whining (again) but during my past surgery I had a different kind of anesthesia. Instead of going completely lights out I was sedated then had a "local". I tell ya I was so sedated I couldn't protect myself or flinch when I could feel every stinkin cut. I even told my surgeon while on the table:

"Hey, I can feel that!"

But did they stop? Nooooooo

While it only lasted 30 minutes - that was a really long time to feel every slice of the knife.

This whole breast cancer thing is not easy. Now we have to wait and see if they got it all out this time.

Guess I will eat some more chocolate eggs.


Corrina Baker said...

Oh dear RB! That is totally awful! My worst fear, feeling pain. I hope and pray it is over, this is it for you! No more. You will be motivating woman all over the world going through similar life experiences. xoxo

aubry. said...

... but three days later, you sounded so great i forgot you had cancer!