Breast Cancer Update

Just a quick note to tell you all gentle readers that I got a call from my surgeon last night during American Idol.

He said it was a good thing I had the surgery cuz they found more cancer in the sample they cut out but the margins were clear and I am ready to move ahead with my radiation treatment. I have an appt with the oncology/hematology department on April 8th to get started.

Looks like its all a straight line to joining the ranks of so many others who can be counted as cancer survivors. Wow, I will have so much more compassion about this issue from now on.

I am ridiculously happy and thank you so much for the many of you that have shown your support - It has meant the world to me and my family.


robin said...

yay! i've been thinking of you...

jamie said...

i'm delurking to say HOORAY!! now go and celebrate by enjoying some more of those chocolate eggs.

(oh, i'm another aubry friend.)