Breast Cancer Part 2

This time around (Thursday March 18th) when I go into more surgery I will be smarter.

This time I will simplify. Yesterday - out of sheer frustration for a complicated life I cut my hair to the nub. Well, maybe not nubby but pretty dang short. Not that I expect Chemo or anything, its just that its one step I can take to simplify my life. It looks cute (in the dark) Its actually pretty bad.

This time around I will accept peoples kindness - that pot of chicken noodle soup I made ahead got awfully boring after the third day.

This time around I will take it easy and not try to overdo too soon. Last time I was so anxious to get well, I got up too soon and paid the price.

This time I wont take so long to blog again! Sorry friends, its been really crazy.

Four more days till my next surgery. Lets hope and pray they get it all out this time.

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aubry. said...

If I were home, I'd do your hair, cook you a variety of soups, and do your blogging. I'd be pretty funny, you know.
And since I know you don't allow photos to be taken of you, it would be silly to ask to see your new 'do. I will wait patiently for April 9 when you come... Maybe it won't be so awkwardly short by then.