California Snobbiness Dashed

A Big Fat FYI for those of you who live in Utah and other parts of the world, the residents of CA all feel quite superior as though we have a corner on progressive intellect and sheer cool factor. After all, do you out-of-staters have a Governator?

{okay, the states a mess thanks to AHHHNOLD}

Do you have beaches and hoity toity movie stars? Are you all "green" and environmentally conscious?

{okay, you Colorado peeps have us beat here}

So this is a reality check to all of us who have an inkling we are better than the rest. Is this a commentary on the size of our burritos, or the police force of Mountain View CA, or the fact that someone was pawing through the trash at Wal-Mart and confused a burrito wrapper for a receiving blanket? All equally as weird. Its a comfort actually. There are Dorks everywhere.

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jamie said...

i just feel better knowing that somewhere, someone else might be using their 7-layer burrito wrapper to swaddle their infant child. sometimes i even put a dollop of sour cream on her head too, to style her hair.