What to do when you are bored or desperate

Not like there is enough drama in our house right now my daugher in law Lucy...

(Jeff's wife and mother of my two granchildren - Seanny Bo Baaahny age 2 and Monkey boy Jebed - age 4 - love names remember?)

went in for a mammogram because unlike me, she actually found a lump and it has been growing for at least 6 months. So imagine it, two women under the same roof with breast cancer. The definition of terrible right? Fortunately she is okay. whew!

But this artwork is courtesy the waiting room activity that served to entertain Seanny. I loved it. Sweet and funny. (perfect positioning - the belly button is the nose)

Take human creativity and turn it weird and here is what you get. I hope you can read it, its hilarious.

I know its random but it's one hour till I go in for surgery and it still hasn't sunk in yet. Check in with you later post -op.


Corrina Baker said...

Canadians are always eating their unmentionables, didn't you know that? we just don't mention it........ha ha, I'm funny.

aubry. said...

those russian eyes are so sweet. i just want to eat them.

Sweet J said...

Cutest little lovey.