T minus 21 hours - Its surreal

In less than 21 hours I will start down the Breast Cancer rabbit hole. Here is how it started:

You might wonder - what the heck am I looking at? My thoughts exactly when the surgeon showed me. They are called Breast Calcifications. These are normal throughout the body

{huh, a little trivia I bet you didn't know}

Anyway, what does the calcifications have to do with Breast Cancer? Its an indicator or malignancy. So random calcifications - not malignant. Tightly clustered calcifications - malignant. A cluster like the Milky Way (oh that's a funny - no pun intended) is something to be concerned about. This how my mammogram looked --the Orion Galaxy.

So I show up to the hospital at 11 - fasting and hungry. They inject blue dye into my breast that will travel up to my lymph nodes. One hour later I will be on the table of mutilation where they will take out a lump twice the size of a golf ball. That's a lotta personal real estate I tell ya.

They will send this and a biopsy of my lymph nodes to pathology. Here is where I will find out whether I have to undergo chemo or not - depending on spreadage of the cancer cells.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stop for about 2 seconds and offer a silent prayer for me 11 A.M. Pacific Time Feb 18 - day one of my personal war on breast cancer.

Thank you my cyber friends for all your kind thoughts -when you need me I will be there to send you all the loving mind rays your way too. rb


Richins Family said...

I love you so much, Aunt Rebecca! Good luck tomorrow, I will definitely continue praying for you!

robin said...

i will be thinking of you.

i, too, will be in the hospital on feb. 18th. 'cept i will be pushing a baby out of my insides.


good luck!

aubry. said...

go, mom, go...

i'm channeling my inner mary poppins for a perfect surgery.

Corrina Baker said...

sending good vibes too from BC. Do they give you medical marijuana? If so, lucky for you.

Anne said...

Love you Aunt Rebecca! We will keep you in our prayers!

Angela said...

Hi Aubry's mom; you don't know me, I'm a former roommate of Aubry's. I'm pretty sure I never met you. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and I'm sending well wishes your way. I'm convinced that there is nothing the Bennion girls can't conquer.