Shhhh - big fat secret

Let me preface this with an explanation to all you three of you - my gentle readers. Bear in mind that for family home evenings we all sat around and watched Sumo wrestling for Sunday evening recreation.

Scott soon graduated us to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in all its wild and wooley glory. Unregulated, vicious groin pummeling and the plain ole dirtiest fighting without rules at that time. So immersion into total barbarity is no stranger to the Bennion household.

So when my friend Chadwick (CB) Blum at work (we worked together at my present place of employment - he got the boot tho) suggested we go into business, it wasn't entirely out of the realm of impossibility my being the daring entrepreneurial sort at heart.

I don't know how better to say it than to simply blurt it out. I am a mixed martial arts sports promoter licensed by the State of CA Athletic Commission. There are two of us women sports promoters in the entire state.

Is it incongruous for someone to be the stake relief society president and a MMA sports promoter - YES, oh YES. I can hardly reconcile it. But if you must know, Scott is behind it all the way. He's looking at me like I'm Dana White and he will soon be driving a Ferrari.

I must say, I am not only a sports promoter, but I have struck deals with TV and have produced a TV show that will air on several CW stations. The company is the International Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts and it is being picked up in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Salt Lake, Phoenix and San Diego. More markets to follow.

Go to my website for amazement sake - www.ia-mma.com

here is my logo

This is a photo of the ring girls - these girls were a disgusting aspect of the show. barf!

This is a photo of a very famous fighter and my not so famous fighter, KJ Noons and Bailey Byrnes. He was a sweet kid, Bailey was, before he got beaten to a bloody pulp by his opponent, Paul Song.

another super juicy fight - Kevin Dunnsmore and Tyler Bialecki.

This is a picture of one of my celebrity guests - Chris Cyborg - the world woman's champion.

Another fight - the ref in the background is the infamous and controversial Cecil Peoples. When my son Jeff found out one of my refs was Cecil Peoples, he wanted to get his autograph more so than the other celebs that attended my show. He is a super famous UFC ref.

This guy given me the stink eye is Dean Lister, another legend in the MMA UFC world.

Here is the venue with two big screens to catch the action blow by blow.

Lastly, yesterday we acquired a new partner in our venture, a UFC fighter, Texas Crazy Horse Heath Herring (above and below) who wants to work with us and use his celebrity

{never heard of him actually but everyone I tell just swoons with amazement}

He is a very sweet young man actually and he can get us in front of major sponsors like TAPOUT and other MMA sponsors.

Ask me how I got into this position? I am wedged between two worlds as an ultra conservative church lady working in this rough industry. I'm doing it my way.

For example, my fighters all know they can't utter any F Bombs and they have to be polite to each other except in front of the camera or in the ring, where they can let their animal instincts rip like no other.

How will it turn out? Watch for the my show in a city near you and send me all your good thoughts and wishes, and stick with me, I will need you now more than ever - its gonna be a bumpy ride fo sho.

{whew - it felt good to get that off my chest}

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that's my mom, y'all. bennions are such super great secret keepers... until blogger sets them free.