Okay at this point I am ready (so ready) to strip away the cavalier attitude and admit that all my stuffins (literally I do have a balance and a bra size identity problem) have been knocked out of me. How bad could a stinking 5 inch incision in your right breast be? (and a big stinking slice out of your armpit too) I thought to myself prior to the surgery.

What did Braveheart do when he got stabbed in the gut by a filthy blade? The pioneers survived worse right?

Regardless I am sending a big huge shout out to all my breast cancer survivor sisters who have gone through it before me - cuz it's really bad.

Whats with the photo you ask? This represents all the many women in my world who have called and sent treats my way (ending up in the family's happy gullet - not my own) and all the true friends who are rooting for me.

As for now, I am totally gassed simply posting this message

Back to bed for more reruns of CSI Las Vegas, Forensic Files, Law and Orders and more. oh, along that same line....

last night when I was too weak and powerless to change the channel I watch an hour of Judge Judy. This episode ROCKED and brought complete balance and perspective to my life as bad as it is at this very moment.

(it hurts to laugh)

after one court proceeding when a young woman (trailer trash bimbo) lost her case she was asked... what did you learn from today's court proceedings. Her reply:

I learned that my beauty will fade but my dumbness will stay forever!!!!

She actually said that on syndicated TV t0 40 million viewers.

(I wonder how many people that watch Judge Judy caught it)

I take Breast Cancer hands down. Ha Ha Ha


aubry. said...

thank goodness bennion women aren't dumb... and super human.

lara formisano said...

haha! glad you are on the mend...thinking of you!!! you are a FIGHTER.

finnish mama said...

i had a little cancer removed from my arm (about a 5 inch thing )and some nodes taken from the armpit (about a 5 inch scar) and i thought: im a tough finn, im a mom of six, how long could the healing really be, a couple of days. not. wishing you speedy recovery and i am in pink some where on my body daily. plus some prayers and hugs.