Love Names

Okay now, my family will cringe and I won't give away the worst of our family secrets but I am pretty sure that all you peeps out there have secret love names that you gave each other in the privacy of your own family.

So in honor of the upcoming valentines holiday (which is by the way Scotty Boy's {love name} birthday and Mamacita and Scottsy the Nazi's {love names}anniversary I will brave your collective scorn and tell you the secret love names in my own family.

Scott - (see above)
Rebecca - Celebrator (say it with disdain for authenticity)

Matt - Mutzle or Mitzle or Mateo just plain Mutt
Jeff - Jeffrijoles or Foof
Aubry - Poopsie, Aubrylocks or Aubs-Zena (after Zena the Warrior Princess)
Trevor - Treppy (its hard to mangle that name too much)
Brett - Bert

Grand children (we start with love names right out of the birth canal in our fam)

Jared - Jeb or Jebed or Monkey boy
Sean - Seany bo bonny or bobaaahny (you have to sing bobaahny)

note: we tried to put the frijoles ending on all the kids but it didn't quite sing like Jeffrijoles

There are more but I am withholding the more heinous and humiliating love names out of consideration for a certain baby girl who inherited a virtual plethora of "love" names from all the brothers.

What are you your love names? You know you have them, dont even pretend you don't....


robin said...

my brother calls me goose for reasons i'll never disclose.

as for me and my husband, we never call each other anything but our real names. i'm not a lovey person i guess. i would never, ever, ever NEVER call him "babe", or "honey". it's just not me. and he doesn't do it either. thank goodness.

no offense anyone...

Corrina Baker said...

we call our baby turducken?

aubry. said...

true, that yo. these are not even the worst of them. there are go-to-the-grave names that someone, who thought they were being REAL clever, thought up.

Rebecca said...

you noticed I used restraint with your love names right? Now that you have regained fertility I don't want to be estranged from your girl babies by telling the world about the worst of the love names - which unfortunately are all yours.

My lips are sealed - don't worry.

Sweet J said...

I promise to always call Auby Poopsie from now on

Richins Family said...

Carita Conchita Margarita Esperanza de la Fuente y Carmen... de Richins.

Louis' way of making up for not having given a long string of proper Mexican names in the first place.