This is my Breast Caner Odyssey - a journey I never even contemplated traveling.

It started with the pestiness of letters stating they found an "irregularity" in the mammogram. With each ensuing visit, the spectre of breast cancer is down played. Each visit and even to the last - the biopsy I am reassured that 90% of the time its nothing and all these visits are simply precautionary.

I so bought it and found all this testing quite the nuisance and an imposition on my precious time. I checked a box that said I wanted a phone call with the biopsy results. Jeez - like I wanted to go to yet another useless Dr. appt.

So when I did get the call I was stunned to hear the diagnosis - positive for malignancy. I burst out in tears.

How unlike me! This is what I looked like at work:

So now I have a surgery date. Its Feb 18th. In the meantime, the sun still shines, the birds sing and life goes on around me.

What will it be like to a breast caner survivor? Will you be walking for me? What will they find when they cut me open and do even more biopsies? I will report in to you my friends on this and my other secret life.

For now, while I have a shred of good health -- I love you all -- Stay tuned willya?


cindy. said...


aubry told me the news on sunday and i was so sorry to hear about it. but i didn't fret for one minute. you're are an amazing, strong woman. and a total fighter!

i can't wait to read all about you kicking cancer in the butt!

please know you are in my prayers.


Corrina Baker said...

wow, i didn't know! you've been through worse though from what i recall........paralyzed etc. can they give you 20 year old boobs?

robin said...

you're amazing rebecca. i will definitely stay posted.

Sweet J said...

This is the blog I have been waiting for. Seriously...learning from Rebecca. Sweet! We can all learn strength from you.

Richins Family said...

I love you so much, Aunt Rebecca. And I'll be fasting and praying for you. If someday you go bald I will glady donate my hair to you. But only if you want the added stress of taming natural curls.

I won't be offended if you say no.

aubry. said...

check it, mom... my friends love you. idolize you. want to be you {minus the cancer bit}.

you have fans and followers. no pressure, or anything, but your blog better be pretty awesome.

Rebecca said...

Jeez no pressure